Make an impact on the world while being creative. The hackathon was arranged September 2-4 in Linköping, Sweden.

THANK YOU for this year’s East Sweden Hack and congratulations to all the winning teams!

Congrats to all the winning teams at East Sweden Hack 2016! 

And a big thank you to all the 20 teams that participated and made East Sweden Hack 2016 possible!


Congrats to Share A Bike for the prize Best Project and a trip to CES in Las Vegas 2017! 

Motivation by the jury

This team has launched a solution for shared economy that encourages people to change transportation behaviour, connecting to existing Airbnb services, includes IoT,  benefits both mobility and the environment. Correctly deployed this could be the new Airbnb. This idea acts both as a bike lock on its own, while also generating revenue through the rentals.


Congrats to Society Go for the Integration prize of 20 000 SEK! 

Motivation by the jury

This team developed an innovative solution to help better integrate the community.

healthcare+medical care

Congrats to Eltriplee for the Healthcare and Medical Care prize of 20 000 SEK! 

Motivation by the jury

For addressing both complexity regarding healthcare informatics AND the complexity regarding the healthcare IT infrastructure as well as providing flexibility of patients, with a prototype that emphasizes ease of use and turning data into information.


Congrats to Team #5 for the Civil environment & Transportations prize of 20 000 SEK! 

Motivation by the jury

This team has shown how valuable data can be generated by simple means and by use of technology accessible for everyone and how this useful data can be made available for the public.


Congrats to Curbit for the Energy & Sustainability prize of 20 000 SEK! 

Motivation by the jury

One of the biggest issues to manage the  global warming challenge is the transportation of human beings. We need more ideas that can contribute to changing people’s driving behavior. Using gamification and straight forward indicators is a great method!



Don’t hesitate to contact any of us in the East Sweden Hack crew:

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Project Manager
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CEO Mjärdevi Science Park

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Recruitment Officer
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Responsible for Citizen Hacks and the 10 challenges

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