Make an impact on the world while being creative. At the hackathon East Sweden Hack you get to meet a lot of new people, solve problems and learn new things. The hackathon takes place September 2nd – 4th in the inspiring venue CreActive in Linköping, Sweden.

A hackathon is a competition where people with different knowledges create new products and services during a limited amount of time. Creators, innovators and programmers meet up and create a place for innovation, creativity and development.


What is East Sweden Hack?

East Sweden Hack is a hackathon where you get to combine Open Data with Internet of Things. To participate you can come up with your own idea that you get to solve during the hackathon, or you can solve one of the 10 challenges that we’ve collected from citizens in Linköping and Norrköping. The registration for the hackathon is now closed and during the weekend September 2-4 we will find out how the 20 teams will develop their ideas.


Are you curious about the 20 teams that will participate?

20 teams have now been announced that they will get to realize their ideas during the East Sweden Hack weekend. If you are curious about what ideas each of the teams will develop, you can read about them here.


Do you want to visit the hackathon?

If you are interested in the hackathon you are welcome to visit us during the weekend. There will be a lot of opportunities to experience the hackathon, read about the visitor events and register here.

The prizes


January 5-8, 2017

The winner team of Best Project will go to the fair CES in Las Vegas! 


20 000 SEK

The winners of the category Integration will win 20 000 SEK.

20 000 SEK

The winners of the category Energy & Sustainability will win 20 000 SEK.

20 000 SEK

The winners of the category Civil Environment & Transportations will win 20 000 SEK.

20 000 SEK

The winners of the category Healthcare & Medical Care will win 20 000 SEK.


Don’t hesitate to contact any of us in the East Sweden Hack crew:

Sara Martin
Project Manager
+46 (0) 739 347823

Lena Miranda
CEO Mjärdevi Science Park

+46 (0) 070 529 56 45

Anna Broeders
Recruitment Officer
+46 (0)  725 743700

Niclas Söör
Responsible for Citizen Hacks and the 10 challenges

+46 (0) 703 354640