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Meet the jury for East Sweden Hack 2017

Miikka Nevasalo

Miikka Nevasalo

Miikka will judge the category Smart City

Miikka has a background in diverse businesses such as IBM, Nokia and Microsoft– and also long experience of start-up and entrepreneurship.

Today he is responsible for the global expansion for the biggest hackathon platform
in Europe– Ultrahack!

Ultrahack mission is to build a community where the best talent and leading industry partners could meet and collaborate towards future innovations. Digitalization, corp culture change and transformation, new digital services design and development, agile development and new tech introductions such VR/AR, Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Robotics and Drones.

Welcome Miikka to East Sweden Hack!

Miikka Nevasalo

Björn Hagström

Björn will judge the category Open Data

Björn believe in openness and transparency and have taken lead in opening up data from the public sector– along with defining the swedish national guidelines for open data.

Open data like meal information for schools is one achievement, 157 new open data sources for Örebro another one. Björn was also the driver for the creation of the national web design guidelines for the swedish public sector.

Welcome Björn to the creative open minded East Sweden Hack event!

Miikka Nevasalo

Sandra Lindqvist

Sandra will judge the category Business Potential

Sandra focus on equality, both for men and women, and is the driver of framtidsfeministen– a stock portfolio focusing on investing in companies with strong focus on equality. This has proven to be a successful strategy.

Sandra has numerous years of experience in project management within semi-conductor, automotive, and pulp industry and also as a management consultant. Her work is influenced by efficiency, creativity, and adding business value.

A warm welcome to you Sandra, we really appreciate your investment of business knowledge into East Sweden Hack.

Miikka Nevasalo

Maja Brisvall

Maja will judge the category Internet of Things

Executive Director and Co-founder of The Quantified Planet. East Sweden Hack rookie 2017.

Maja is the Executive Director and Co-founder of The Quantified Planet – a non-profit organization with the mission to bring together the world´s data on people and planet data for the benefit of humanity.

She is an entrepreneur with several startups behind her in San Francisco, London and Stockholm. Maja has spent the past years developing the interface between scientists in resilience thinking, social ecological systems and towards entrepreneurs in exponential technologies and innovation. Maja is also an expert advisor in the Swedish Government Committee for Digitization.

Welcome to East Sweden Hack and the jury 2017!

Miikka Nevasalo

Petra F Sundström

Petra will judge the category Human Interaction & Integration

Petra knows connectivity and IoT strategy which pinpoint her current responsibilities in Husqvarna Group. At East Sweden Hack Petra will focus the project’s business potential and take lead in that specific jury category. Being a strategist with current and past positions within large and innovative companies, her business tentacles are sharpin spotting potential and possibilities.

Petra has a background within Computer Science studies based on a PhD in the User-Centred Design direction. Her experience span over design research related to IoT, mobile services and UX design.
Petra posses craftsmanship and leadership experience across the entire product design & development cycle and has as design researcher gone through the full design cycle for 20+ mobile innovations. Add to that number 30+ published research articles!

Petra is a popular public speaker and also an East Sweden Hack rookie. We are so proud to have her onboard for this year’s hackathon. Welcome Petra!

Miikka Nevasalo

Helena Michel

Helena will judge in the category Healthcare & Medical Care

Helena is passionate for medical care, helth and solutions for the future. Today Helena work at Microsoft as responsible for a team with the goal to empower 9 of Sweden’s 20 health care regions to do more and achieve more with IT strategies aligning with their business and operations to create value.

A warm welcome to you Helena, back to your hometown 🙂

Miikka Nevasalo

Sasan Shaba

Sasan will judge Energy & Sustainability

Sasan is today responsible for incubator & science park collaborations & contacts for Swedish Energy Agency in Sweden. Their goal is to support startups and scaleups of sustainable tomorrow.

With an awesome attitude, commitment and a touch of stubbornness he believe that the teams of East Sweden Hack will come up with awesome solutions that can make massive impact.

A warm welcome to you as well Sasan.

Tobias Renström

Tobias Renström

Tobias will judge the category Transport
Tobias works as Operations Manager for Uber in Sweden, managing strategic projects and operations. He has a firsthand experience how digital disruptors can re-write the rules in traditional industries and is passionate about how digitalization can help reduce waste and downtime and get more people into fewer cars.