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FAQ regarding the hack

Here we will answer questions regarding this years hackathon.

  • How many team members must a team consist of?
    Your team must consist of exactly 4 persons.
  • Can we bring our own hardware equipment to the hackathon?
    Nope. When you register for the hackathon you designate what material you think you will need to develop your product. You cannot bring any other hardware material to the hackathon. When you get the confirmation of your registration you will get a code with 1500 SEK to order material from m.nu. If the equipment you want to order isn’t available at m.nu. Please contact erik@m.nu.
  • How many computers can we bring to the hackathon?
    1 computer/person
    1 smartphone/person
    1 keyboard + computer mouse/person
    1 separate screen/person
  • Can we start developing our product before the hackathon?
    A part of the competition is to create your product during the actual hackathon. This regards both the software, hardware and the design/”shell” of your product. You are not allowed to build parts of your product before the hackathon. But you are more than welcome to bring your own material (the material must be “dead”, any hardware equipment is not allowed) to the hackathon to create your design/ shell.
  • Will we have access to our equipment before the hackathon?
    The equipment that you have ordered from m.nu will be available at the hackathon when you arrive at September 8:nd. You will not have access to it before the hackathon.
  • We are going to use Raspberry Pi, what should we think about?
    Teams that are using Raspberry Pi are responsible for bringing their own HDMI cable, computer screen with HDMI input, as well as keyboard and computer mouse, which is mandatory to be able to work with Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi only provide ethernet connection (we will provide you with network cables), not WiFi or Bluetooth. Teams that need wifi or bluetooth advantageously have ordered it in their team registration