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This year’s team

Which teams are competing this year, and what will they do? (The page is updated continuously)

Team 1

Pollution-free zones

With a help of traffic data, sensors and spatial maps we are able to create an interactive hot spots map of polluted zones and pollution-free zones in cities. The map will show the air and noise pollution zones on temporal and spatial scales in Linköping municipality.

  • Traffic data from Linköping kommun
  • New infrastructure planning from Linköping kommun
  • LoRaWAN (LoPy) from Indentive
  • Vadym Sokol
  • Kjell Ericson
  • Dag Wästberg
  • Gabriel Poussif

Team 2


Our system is made for the bike community, to help them document the state of the bike infrastructure, and make suggestions for improvement. It uses a GIS (geographical information system) user interface, where a map over the city is the primary view. Users can add information to any part of the map.

  • Police reported road traffic accidents The Swedish Transport Agency
  • Geodata from the Municipality of Linköping
  • Vägarbete from the Municipality of Linköping
  • Possibly Trafikmätningar from the Municipality of Linköping
  • Mattias Wingstedt
  • Alin Mechenici
  • Fredrik Noring
  • Gabriel Sulka

Team 3

Save travel time by knowing how much traffic is on the intersections in Linköping. information from traffic lights in every intersection, this could perhaps be used as showing which intersection have heavy traffic at the moment. With this one could plan ones traffic route better and save travel time in Linköping by avoiding the most heavy traffic intersections.

  • Östgötatrafiken
  • Linköpings kommun
  • Wolf Ulmanen
  • Joanne Hoffsten
  • Tor Selden
  • Ximena Vasquez Arias

Team 4


Is an innovative solution where we use open data together with a cloud solution with mobile/PC APIs and connected sensors, IoT, for more efficient collection of waste.

  • Tekniska verken
  • Linköpings kommun
  • Indentive LoRa – LoPy
  • Hans Winzell
  • Stefan Öggemar
  • Louisa Nordgren
  • Tomas Lubkowitz

Team 5

Record and control your everyday health via smartphone and bracelet, discover bad trends, and let your doctor get the correct treatment for you

  • Region Östergötland
  • Linköpings Kommun
  • Vitaly Podobedov
  • Oskar Jansson
  • Niklas Nilsson
  • James Omoya

Team 6

We build an application that helps you find a safe way home. The application will provide a walk with checkpoints and you need to scan an NFC-terminal to deactivate the safe walk.

  • Östgötatrafiken
  • Linköpings kommun
  • Jens Varga
  • Pontus Höjer
  • John Stynsberg
  • Markus Petersson – student

Team 7

Have you ever lost your wallet or your phone? Have you experienced issues with bags getting lost at the airport? We have a solution for that. Our vision is with the use NFC tags we will program it to be able to identify the owner of the NFC tag

  • 46elks
  • Senion
  • Thin Film Electronics
  • David Tran
  • Oscar Nord
  • Adrian Palmquist
  • Jesper Lund

Team 8

A Smart Break

By integrating this IoT device with slack we want to make a smart and friendly slackbot capable of managing our social IoT device. Further our slack bot will communicate when people are having breaks as to make the workplace more sociable.

  • 46elks
  • Spotify
  • Alexander Poole
  • Erik Carlsson
  • Fabian Jonsson
  • Charlie Forsgren

Team 9

With the help of NFC-tags and your phone, we will connect equal minded people and make it possible for them to interact with each other, based of interests and location.

  • 46elks
  • Thin Film Electronics
  • Daniel Olsson
  • Sara Olsson
  • Emma Nilsson
  • Rasmus Elmersson

Team 10

ELVA – Linköpings Virtual Assistant

Elva is Linköpings virtual assistant for you to ask questions directly to the city. The city is represented as a person both on facebook and on devices placed around the city. You can chat with Elva in your facebook messenger app or just talk to it on the street in order to obtain information or plan your day depending on what is going on in the city.

  • Linköpings kommun
  • Östgötatrafiken
  • Simon Hedlund
  • Filip Kantedal
  • Jonathan Grangien
  • David Johansson

Team 11

Intelligent fire warning and escape route planning system

Almost all buildings nowadays are equipped with exit signposts and fire escape routes mapped according to fire regulations. The planned escape routes however are sometimes not the shortest path out of the building and it does not take into account environmental factors during a fire We propose an intelligent dynamic route system for future smart buildings.

  • Indentive LoRa – LoPy
  • Modio
  • Senion
  • 46elks
  • Simon Mehari
  • Maxime Bonneau
  • Wei der chein
  • Xin Zhang

Team 12

Is it possible to Predict It by learning user behavior, lifestyle, food habits ? with the help of AI, Sensors, Open Data, It’s possible. Yes, It’s possible. We are planning to develop an App that employs artificial Intelligence to predict users health based on the data received from the user. An User will get to know their health status 10 years from now.

  • Senion
  • Linköpings kommun
  • Ravindran Antonysamy
  • Archana Ravindran
  • Atheeq Ahmed
  • Karthik Kumar

Team 13

Try to generate data on how roads and intersections affect drivers to drive more environmental friendly. This in turn will help city planners to understand which traffic stops causes drivers to drive energy efficient and which does not.

  • Actia
  • Linköpings kommun
  • Michael Petterstedt
  • Jacob Sundqvist
  • Jonas Ekskog
  • Srdan Pavlovic

Team 15

In order to economize on household electricity, people wish to have a more detailed understanding of the power consumption of a family, and to obtain advises on energy-saving by comparing the electricity usage with other families. We are going to solve this problem by adopting smart plugs along with data analysis methods

  • Linköpings kommun
  • Chenxi Yang
  • Zhihao Yang
  • Dongxiang Fang
  • Zhiniang Peng

Team 16

Our idea is take more care about elder people, we will develop a smart wristband. The wristband will be included following parts:1. emergency bottom(which can directly call emergency center for help) 2.Heart rate sensor 3. fall detector(this part will be include accelerometer and gyroscope) 4. GPS(in case the elder people fall down we can know where are they).

  • Region Östergötland
  • Linköpings Kommun
  • Senion
  • Platon Prolov
  • Yi Wang
  • Gaia Pometto
  • Peter Riem

Team 17

Smart medicine organizer

It will have a light on inside the box if it’s time to take pills, and if not, the light will be off. A sensor inside the organizer will tell if the pill has been taken, and if the certain time has past and the pill is still not taken, a melody/alarm will play, and if your phone is connected you will get a message. If the pill still isn’t taken, the Smart medicine organizer will contact a near relative.

  • Sofia Thunberg
  • Jennifer Lindgren
  • Britta Lago
  • Anna Westin

Team 18

A application to calculate how many hours of sun you got per year, how much electricity it could produce and how the environmental impact would change if you got solar cells.

  • Gabriel Berthold
  • Joakim Konac
  • Sofie Khullar
  • Anton pålsson

Team 19

In the making

  • Simon Hällström
  • Luiza Mara Timoc
  • Binderbir Singh
  • Jean Zagonel

Team 20

In the making

  • Martin Källström
  • Marcus Thorelius
  • Christoffer Lejdborg