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Registration East Sweden Hack 2017

There will be 20 teams who will compete at the East Sweden hack, every team consist of 4 members. Do you want to participate? You can register in four different ways: As a team, Individual registration, Beginners registration or as a Wildcard.

Team registration

We know that mixed team’s will create the best solutions. Maybe you are an economist who wants to make a difference for the environment? A software developer who wants to try hardware? A UX-specialist who wants to try IoT? We welcome all of you to East Sweden Hack, the 8-10 September in Linköping.

There is not much time at the hackathon and there is lots of work to do. Therefore each team has to contain 4 team members. Are you missing a member? Contact Ida Thidblom ida.thidblom@skill.se

Team registration will go through Ideahunt in a two-stage rocket. First you register yourself, then you register your teams Idea. Don’t forget to register your team members as co-creators to your idea! At Ideahunt you will also find 8 challanges to be inspired from that our partners and sponsors came up with.

At Idea Hunt you will get feedback on your ideas from partners and sponsors to East Sweden Hack. This feedback will hopefully help you get to the absolute best solution.

Team registration closes July 31.

Individual registration

Do you want to participate but you don’t have a team? Relax, we’ll help you! Fill in your information in the form below and we will try to connect you with other hackers. Apply now so we got time to find the perfect team members for you, send in your application before June 30 here!

Individual registration closes June 30.

You and your team then got one month to come up with a great idea before July 31, you register your idea at Idea Hunt: https://mjardevi.ideahunt.io/ At Idea Hunt you will also find 8 challenges to be inspired from that our partners and sponsors came up with.

Beginners registration

Are you curious about participating at a hackathon but never coded anything before? We give one team the opportunity to participate with extra support of our coaches. Take the chance to learn programming with a bunch of curious people! Either you do the registration yourself as an individual and we will match you with some other people. Or maybe you and some friends wants to challenge yourselves? In that case, leave your registration as a team before july 31. Register here!

Beginners registration closes July 31.

Wildcard registration

Is September to far away to book anything? Send in your registration as a Wildcard. One month before East Sweden Hack we will pick a team of 4 persons who will participate as Wildcards. You compete at the same conditions as the other teams but will have a shorter time to prepare. Do you take the challenge? Register here!

Last day to send in your registration is 31 July

Each team will get 1500 Swedish crowns to spend on a microprocessor and some gadgets. We would like to know what equipment you think you will need. Our supplier for the hardware is www.m.nu look at this webpage. Do you have any questions about the equipment or cannot find what you need? Please send it to info@m.nu After the 8th august each team will order the equipment from www.m.nu

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Ida Thidblom at ida.thidblom@skill.se