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How has it been for previous participants?

Linköping municipality interested in the snow removal app


When Filip Kantedal, David Johansson, Jonathan Grangien and Simon Kantedal went home after the East Sweden Hack 2016 they were exhausted. In two days they had given everything. It paid off. In addition to winning one of the categories in the innovation competition, they also had a meeting with Linköping municipality.

“The idea is simple,” explained Simon Kantedal when the team presented it to the jury. “A few months a year, Sweden is a cold country with risky roads filled with snow and ice. Therefore, it is strange that the public can not get more information about how the roads look. ”
Their solution to the problem is called Winterwise. It consists of a mobile app for the cars and an app for the city’s inhabitants. A map shows how the road cars have taken, where they are right now and which roads they will plow next. The public can then help to report inconvenient roads and other traffic problems, information that both drivers of plows and residents can directly get to know.

One of the great advantages of Winterwise is that it is possible to see when the roads have or should be plowed. This means that fewer people need to get into traffic and chances.

Business meeting with the municipality

The team describes the two days as something special. That they can not be compared to working as usual. After the competition they were exhausted, but at the same time they had won the Civil Environment and Transport category.

“As everyone in the team is studying at Linköping University, after the competition, we received help från LiU Innovation to develop the business idea. We had a meeting where they gave us tips on how we could move on and even the appropriate people to contact. Among other things, we got a name for a technical manager in Linköping municipality that we will meet in a few weeks.”

When we talk to the team a few weeks later, they have just had the meeting with the municipality. “They liked the idea, so we will definitely try to move on with the project,” says Filip Kantedal. “On the other hand, it is unclear whether they need to procure the assignment, or if they can make a direct purchase. They also wondered if they would put us in touch with any of their subcontractors. ”

Filip says he understands that it takes time before a municipality can make a decision on these questions. Yet he is cautiously optimistic. “The idea was to contact Linköping municipality first. They join and sponsor East Sweden Hack and they feel like they are at the forefront of new ideas. But if it’s going to stop here, we’ll get on. ”

A hackathon is an innovation contest where people with different backgrounds, experience and knowledge over two days develop new products and services. East Sweden Hack is Sweden’s first hackathon where open data is combined with connected gadgets. Read more at www.eastswedenhack.se

Let´s create the city of the future together!

Developers, designers and motivated people from Sweden and abroad will gather for a full weekend Hackathon in Linköping. Join us and take part in creating new IoT-solutions within Human interaction & integration, Healthcare & Medical Care, Energy & Sustainability and Civil Environment & Transportation.

Make an impact on the world while being creative. East Sweden Hack is a hackathon where you get to combine Open Data with Internet of Things.

During one weekend you’r mission is to develop a new product together with your team. We make sure that everything around you works so that you can focus on developing your product.

Oh, and one more thing: you also get to have a lot of fun and hang around with creative people.

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Hackathon Overview

East Sweden Hack is a time limited competition aiming at creating new solutions for the modern society by combining open data and internet of things. It is an open innovative platform gathering companies, academia, society, talents and the actors of the innovation system. The 2017 theme of the competition is “City of the Future”, and the competition will take place in Vallastaden, a completely new city district in Linköping, being formally inaugurated during the month of September by a societal and living expo taking place.

Addressing societal challenges

When competing, your idea/solution, should address one or more of the societal challenges;

  • Energy and sustainability
  • Future health care
  • Social construction and transportation
  • Integration and human interaction

To help us identify relevant challenges, we’ve worked closely together with the clusters of East Sweden, since they have an up to date knowledge about both challenges and already existing solutions on the market. Together with the clusters, the data owners and the actors of the innovation system, we’ve created 8 challenges through a design thinking workshop. These has been uploaded to the digital platform “Idea Hunt”, and teams or individuals can apply to solve one of these challenges – or apply with one of their own. In the “Idea Hunt” system anyone is welcome to upload their idea in order to get feed-back and further develop the idea before the actual hackathon (it is not mandatory to work with one of these ideas, all teams are welcome to work on their own ideas, as long as you use the available open data and connect it to IoT in any way).


You can apply as a team or as an individual. You can apply with a solutions addressing one of the challenges we applied in Idea Hunt – or with an idea of your own, as long as it addresses one of the challenges above.

East Sweden Hack

East Sweden Hack



Fast facts

When: September 8nd - 10th
Where: Vallastaden Linköping, Sweden
How: Gather a team of four, come up with your own idea or apply to one of our challenges. Read more under "Registration".