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Jury criterias

An expert jury goes through all the contributions on hack and nominates a major winner and winner in each category. The assessment of contributions is based on several different perspectives. Here we describe these. If you have any questions about the competition, please feel free to contact us. You can find contact information on the contact page.

Manage city assets

How well does the solution manage and use the city’s assets such as schools, transportation, waste management and other services. Does the solution add value to the citizens and during that process, does the solution use less resources or limit consumption.

Open data

The data provided by partners and platforms are a key ingredient that enables new solution and is a good example of how open data can help others to build new smart solutions. How well does the solution use these data sources?

Business potential / validation

How well have the team validated their idea using for example a lean canvas and does the solution stand a fair chance to commercialize. How aware are the team of their competitors and how well have they understood and created a unique value along with cost model and so on. Another factor here is also usability and along with that design and eaze to use. Is it possible to detect a brand and does the solution stand out compared to existing solutions?

Internet of Things

How well does the solution utilize hardware and connectivity and along with that the open data? Does the solution enable access to new areas or maybe connect our world in a new smart way.

Let´s create the city of the future together!

Developers, designers and motivated people from Sweden and abroad will gather for a full weekend Hackathon in Linköping. Join us and take part in creating new IoT-solutions within Human interaction & integration, Healthcare & Medical Care, Energy & Sustainability and Civil Environment & Transportation. Make an impact on the world while being creative. East Sweden Hack is a hackathon where you get to combine Open Data with Internet of Things. During one weekend you’r mission is to develop a new product together with your team. We make sure that everything around you works so that you can focus on developing your product. Oh, and one more thing: you also get to have a lot of fun and hang around with creative people.

Registration closes: