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Hi Hackers!

We are your official and best (we´re actually the one and only) 3D-printing sponsor at the event! We have prepared our factory at Datalinjen 3B, only a stone’s throw away from Creactive, for your creations. If you already didn’t know we are a Linköping startup originated from hacking and making our own stuff and we started it all at the incubator LEAD on floor 3, Collegium.

Our minions will be ready to serve you during the event but they need your help to work as efficient as possible.

Firstly, we cannot print big items as a 1:1 replica of Falcon X Wing or 3444 sprockets for making your own paris wheel. We have a limited space in our machines and right now it is limited to 170x170x170 mm and 60 cm3 for each team.

Secondly our minions do not like to work in a stressful environment and therefore, for their sake, please upload your file before Saturday august 3 at 12 pm. IT IS FINAL!!! So If you really need to have your design upload it before the deadline.

Thirdly we only like triangulated stuff, that means that you have to export your model to either .obj or .stl. If you do now know what that mean, visit our homepage and read our Swedish guides or just go*gle it.

You can upload your design here and name your file name after your team name eg. Wematter_AWESOME_3D-model-of-a-Falcon-X-Wing-Full-Size.stl

So, one last thing, how do you get a 3D-model?

There are two ways, one simple and one awesome.

  1. Download a ready-made design from eg. Thingiverse or Youmagine
  2. Make it yourself!

We have guides to help you, but they are in Swedish, use go*gle translate if you don’t read Swedish.

Would you like to know more about 3D-printing, Wematter or have something to ask. Go to our site Wematter.se or contact Martin:

Martin Müller
Sales Matter