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East Sweden Hack is the event that wants to change how our society looks and functions, and make this change together with the citizens. The run-up to this year’s event is already in progress and it keeps going steady with the English release of the book Hackathon.

What has been an annual weekend-event for programmers and those who are technically interested now changes focus. “When East Sweden Hack goes off for the fourth year in a row this September we do it with a vision to be an open innovation workshop for the city’s residents”, states Lena Miranda, CEO for Mjärdevi Science Park. “The idea is to invite the citizens to be a part of the hack and change society for themselves.”

Director General at Vinnova, Charlotte Brogren, has spoken at two earlier editions of the event. She describes a hackathon as an amazing happening where extremely motivated and inspired people gather to solve problems together. “You get a really strong faith in our future when you get there. If you compare the event with other things we and others finance people rarely get a move on without first getting a million. Here they do it without getting paid at all.”

Now the book Hackathon – experience the creative chaos of East Sweden Hack will be available in English as well. In it you can read interviews with participants, organizers, municipal council members and companies. You get to learn more about what a hackathon is, what the use of one is and how you can arrange one of your own. The book is available for download at East Sweden Hacks website, eastswedenhack.se, or you can order a physical copy through Mjärdevi Science Park from April 20th.